Villages in Uruan LGA


Compiled by Dr. Ignatius Idio (11/15/08)

1. Adadia

2.     Anakpa

3.     Ekim Enen

4.     Ekit Itam

5.     Ekpene Ukim

6.     Eman

7.     Eman Ikot Ebo

8.     Eman Uruan

9.     Esuk Inwang

10. Ibiaku Ishiet

11. Ibiaku Uruan

12. Idu

13. Ika Oku

14. Ikot Akpa Ekan

15. Ikot Anyang

16. Ikot Ayan

17. Ikot Edun

18. Ikot Essien [5°8’0″N 8°2’0″E]

19. Ikot Essien [4°55’0″N 7°59’0″E]

20. Ikot Inyang Idung

21. Ikot Mbonde

22. Ikot Mkpo

23. Ikot Ntuen

24. Ikot Otonyie

25. Ikot Akan

26. Ikot Udo

27. Ikpa

28. Ikut Mbang

29. Ita

30. Mbak Ikot Abasi

31. Mbiakong

32. Mbiaya [5°6’0″N 8°’0″E]

33. Mbiaya [5°6’0″N 7°59’0″E]

34. Mbikpong Atai

35. Nsukara Offot

36. Nung Ete

37. Nung Ikong Ufok

38. Nung Ikono Obio

39. Nung Oku

40. Nung Otu Ibiaku Uruan

41. Nwaniba

42. Osuk Ita

43. Ifianyong Obot

44. Ibikpe Uruan

45. Akpautong

46. Osong

47. Usuk

48. Utit
49. Ndon Ebom


5 Responses to “Villages in Uruan LGA”

  1. ANIEKAN BEN Says:

    i would love to read more about URUAN people and try and include all other local government of the state their clans clan heads villages and village heads land mass etc thanks

  2. Effiong Godwin Says:

    Please, is Issiet Ekim no longer a village in Uruan LGA? If no, why is it not included and please how many wards are in Uruan LGA?

    • iidio Says:

      Mr. Godwin,

      Please furnish a comprehensive list of all Uruan villages and wards so I can update the list on the UDA web site.



  3. Anthony Says:

    Hi Dr. Idio,

    Where is Ndon-Ebom on your list of villages in Uruan? You can’t exclude Ndon-Ebom from being part of Uruan.


    Anthony Itiat

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