Governor Godswill Akpabio The Governor of
Akwa Ibom State

Your Excellency,
Uruan people are entitled to accessible road network to link Uruan villages to Uyo, the state capital. The deplorable road conditions in Uruan local government area perpetually impede full participation of the citizens in and contribution to the economic productivity of Akwa Ibom State. The full economic potential of Uruan traders, farmers, fishermen and women, artisans, entrepreneurs, public and private employees, and other professionals will only be realized by building and rehabilitating Uruan roads.

May it please Your Excellency to extend God’s Will to Uruan       Local Govern Area by authorizing the construction of Uruan road network to leave a permanent legacy for our people and an indelible memory of your administration. Do not leave out Uruan people in the dispensation of the dividends of democracy.

May Godswill Be Done for Uruan people as well as the rest of the citizens, especially those who have been unintentionally excluded from the “Land of Promise” since you were elected the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State. Uruan people are hopeful that the next phase of road construction will happen very soon in Uruan and its commissioning will take place at Idu Uruan, the headquarter of Uruan Local Government Area.

Akwa Ibom State
known as
“Land of Promise”
Approximately 3.6 million

Although English is the Nigeria Official Language, almost 80% speak and hear English or broken English. Local languages are Annang, Eket, Ibeno,Ibibio,Oron. Around 38% speak or hear Igbo Language.

Religious Belief
Akwa Ibom State is predominantly a Christian State; around 90% of the population are Christians.


Local Government Areas
Abak, Eket, Esit-Eket, Essien Udim, Etim-Ekpo, Etinan, Ibeno, Ibesikpo-Asutan, Ibiono-Ibom, Ika, Ikono, Ikot Abasi, Ikot Ekpene, Ini, Itu, Mbo, Mkpat-Enin, Nsit-Atai, Nsit-Ibom, Nsit-Ubium, Obolo East, Obot-Akara, Okobo, Onna, Oron, Oruk Anam, Ukanafun, Udung-Uko, Uruan, Urue-Offong/Oruko, Uy

State House
Government House,
Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria



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